Tuesday, October 19, 2010

spring/summer 11

Sorry for the super long hiatus!!!! I am reorganizing my priorities to fit this blog in. for anyone who knows me personally: I should be working on Truax right now. More posts will be coming soon!!!


Alexander McQueen
-Sarah Burton doing a fantastic job, though its hard to live up to McQeen.


-quite a few pieces bored me to bits, but there were some real minimalistic stunners thrown in there


Band of Outsiders
-Not always the most innovative or original, but they do a great interpretation of this sort of indie-preppy, forest dwelling hipster that I LOVE.


-all the girls in this show looked like crazy colorful dolls. It would be so incredibly interesting if people went around dressed like this. I might have to find some floral tights now…


Proenza Schouler
-Decidedly more grown up, but there are still great touches of the playful/youthful vibe in there, a.k.a. acid dipped lace.


Louis Vuitton
-Well honestly this collection kinda made my eyes hurt because of all the stuff that was going on. Nice ry Marc Jacobs, but not quite. There was this combination of cliché Asian silhouettes and the 1920’s, and something else I don’t even know (shout out to costume girls! Chicago and the Monkey King combined in one collection!)


-so combine the movie Ms. Pettigrew Lives For A Day, an old lady’s collection of vintage silk scarves, and some Swedish hipster, throw it on a bunch of skinny models and that’s it. I LOVE IT


-This one was very cool, understated, classy, and still a bit disheveled.


Ralph Lauren
-Both Moschino and Ralph Lauren did interpretations of a sort of western/cowgirl look. I couldn’t even look through the entire collection of Moschino. They went for a crazy (slightly comedic?) interpretation with big cowboy hats, exaggerated silhouettes, and various methods of incorporating aspects of the flag. It was gross to say the least; maybe I’m just not in the right mood, idk. On the other hand there were moments in the Ralph Lauren collection that made me want to run screaming into the other room because of the horrendous early 2000’s flashbacks. LUCKILY there were actually some stunners buried in there.

You can look at all these slide shows and more at


All the pictures are from style.com

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