Sunday, February 27, 2011

just made it

I just made this convertible dress. Originally it was for tolo but i couldn't finish it time. My face is still a little inflated as you can probably see, I just got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago. This is so much better actually, the first coupple days I looked like Augustus Gloop.
instead I wore this:

sorry for the crappy picture quality, maybe some day I will take some better pics. I made this one too (not to brag or anything...)



Friday, January 28, 2011

Falling Slowly

I LOVE this song.
I have been inspired to re-learn the piano
and this is the first one i will play.
I think i will watch this movie again too.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Country bomb

wow, country music never looked so appealing. this guy is BAWMB! I wasn't even thinking about seeing Country Strong, but now i might have to. I think its the guitar that gets me. This kind of reminds me of the notebook for some reason, I might have to go watch that now...
How sweet is this!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taylor Momsen?

So this chick is cray cray, but not in the good way. I stumbled upon this video and thought it was pretty funny. She sounds kinda like Joan Jett, who i love. I have a really hard time believing that voice is coming out of her, but if that is her genuine voice, I am impressed. This video is hilarious because she is just crawling and falling all over that table, while her band mates (?) just kinda sit there, which gives me the impression that it is her band and they are just in it. the whole time she is rolling her racoon eyes and sicking her bony little tush in the air which is not her most flattering posture. And finally, I think that corset/bustier/teddy thing she is trying to put over as a dress is a grasping imitation of Cherie Currie from the runaways. Maybe she is just jealous she wasn't cast in the movie. Quite honestly, I really want to like Taylor Momsen, she is like the antithesis evil twin of T-Swift. She just tries too hard at being edgy and instead of coming off as some dark souled individual, she looks like she got eaten and spit out by Jenny Humphrey during her darker days.